We like making music to bless your sound detectors.
Guitar Driven, Leading Basslines, Punchy Drum Grooves and Vocal Harmonies.

We spawned from Swansea and have expanded to West Wales and the Midlands to bring you our music.

In the past years we have seen ourselves in several different configurations but now it looks like the current one is sticking, so we're gonna give it our best and see where it will take us!


We are   


We are a 4 piece band Consisting of; 

Stasys Sliauteris - Vox/Rhythm Guitar
Stefan Jones - Lead Guitar
Daryl Jones - Bass Guitar

Tobias alexander - Drums


Our Debut EP 219.9 was released through Snow Hill Records.
Snow Hill Records partnered with us to release our wonderful little disk of magic.

They also have a few other artists on their roster and you can check them out here --->